Experience Toronto

Brief history of Toronto

Toronto has a rich and a wide history. Firstly, the name Toronto came from an Indian word meaning âsımeeting place’. The area was widely used for this purpose for centuries by earlier people and soon afterwards by French traders owing to its natural harbour.

Toronto culture

Apart from being the largest city of Canada, Toronto, it is also the largest multicultural city since people have come to settle down to this city from all over the world.

There is no one distinct culture that is followed in Toronto since everyone that comes to this city has a different language, way of living, religion, culture and style. As a result, it is quite diverse in ethics and culture in comparison to other parts of Canada. People who settled in this city introduced different events such as music, art, theatres and sports. It is thus evident that Toronto does not have its own original culture and its present culture is as a result of mixing up of all the different cultures of the people who came and settled here in the past leading to alteration of Toronto’s culture. Nevertheless, art and museums are the most conspicuous cultures of Toronto.

Toronto lifestyle

Toronto is a very active city having a very rich life. It attracts innovative talents from all corners of the world since it’s a crucial focal point of cultural life.

Over 50 ballet and dance companies, some six opera ensembles, about two orchestras and a good number of theatres are located in Toronto.

Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum are the two famous museum of the world found in Toronto. These museums demonstrate the history and the diverse lifestyles of the people of Torontovia paintings. The habit of drinking in bar made the settlers of Toronto to open bars in the city and thus Toronto contains quite a large number of 24hr bars. Music bands such as Rush are also common in Toronto but R&B and soul music are the most prominent in Toronto. Thus it could be seen that Toronto has no original culture of its own and the culture it has today is as a result of the mixing up of all the culture of the people who have come here in the past and settled here. However, the most prominent culture of Toronto is art and museums. Most important annual events held in Toronto.

Doors Open Toronto-It is done once a year in 150 historical and also in important buildings in Toronto. This event is often held in the month of May.

Canadian International Auto Show-It is one of the largest auto shows in the world, it presents new ideas and the newest car models which appear on the market soon. The event is usually carried out in February.

Pride Week-This is the festival that celebrates gay sexuality. It is usually a multi-coloured event which gathers up to million people every year.

Caribana-This festival is dedicated to celebrating the culture of people from Caribbean islands.

Contact Toronto Photography Festival-Photographers present their work in numerous galleries during this festival

Luminato-Presentation of pilot projects by artists, musicians and dancers occurs during this festival.