How moving companies can save your life

Are you a Toronto resident planning on making a drastic move in your life? If so, I recommend hiring a professional Toronto moving company to do the frustrating task of moving your items to a new location.

I always hire a moving company when changing locations because I know the benefits connected with these companies. I use moving companies whenever I move because I learned the hard way that moving items by yourself will be aggravating, annoying, long, heavy and dangerous.

I have moved houses four times in my life, my first time I did not hire a moving company, a mistake I will not make again. During my first moving experience, I was young and moving to college. I had to travel 18 hours in a vehicle over packed with clothes, school supplies, books, television, mini fridge and many other miscellaneous items. In order to fit all of these things in my vehicle | had to move my seat up as far as it could go which made driving quite difficult.

After completing the 18-hour drive, I was, to say the least not in a pleasant mood. I arrived at my school and received my key to my dorm room which was located on the fourth floor of the building. I began to unpack my things and carry them up the stairs which I swear kept getting longer and longer each time I climbed them.

I was almost done unpacking my car, the only thing left was a mini fridge which was shoved in the back seat. I pulled out the mini fridge which seemed like it weighed 100 pounds and began to carry it up the stairs. I was midway up the third set of stairs when I slipped on some water or beer that was on the floor and fell down the stairs with the fridge following me landing directly on my foot, breaking it. “I know a great way to start my university year”.

I had to pay $300 to be taken to the hospital via ambulance and then I spent the next 2 months walking around in a cast. All because I was too stubborn to pay some movers to move my stuff for me. I have learned from my mistake now and I always will go with the hassle-free way of hiring a moving company to move my items from me. It really is not too much of a shot to the wallet considering that it could save you a pulled back, broken leg, or many other injuries that will end up costing you many dollars and time.

Many Toronto moving companies also have insurance on items that they move so you can be sure that when moving your valuable treasures they will be in good hands. I honestly believe moving companies are the right choice to make when making a big move, I cannot see why anybody would choose to risk their safety for unreasonable circumstances.

Always hire a mover to help protect you and your belongings, not only will they be safe but so will you.