Life in Toronto

Toronto is one of the best places to live in. Toronto is spread between the rich American culture and the Canadian Independence. Toronto is also the most populous city in Canada.

Toronto attracts a lot of tourists, Thanks to Toronto’s excellent infrastructure, nightlife, numerous museums and galleries.

Toronto is a prominent spot for music and other digital content. Toronto is also rated as one of the most liveable cities, Toronto also known as Hollywood North because of its popularity and success in the field of production of domestic and foreign films.

Toronto is an international center for business and finance, generally considered the financial capital of Canada. As Toronto is filled with people from different parts of the world it has a rich culture, mostly filled with people with ethnic roots from Canada, China, and so on.

Toronto is famous for its rich cuisine and has a few restaurants that one should not miss.One of the most loved restaurants of Toronto would surely be the Scaramouche restaurant. Rated as one of the best restaurants in Toronto in various websites along with the Elm Tree Restaurant, but that is not it, foodies can have their desired cuisines as Toronto offers a wide array of cuisines from different parts of the world.

One can visit Little Italy, Little India or just head to Chinatown. But there is one thing that the Canadians can’t resist, the Canadian favorite -“Poutine”Apart from all the fantastic transport facilities to move around in the city while enjoying prominent tourist locations like the Toronto Zoo, Toronto Island or shopping at the St.Lawrence Market, witnessing the impressive, beautiful landscapes from the LookCut Level of the world’s second-tallest free-standing structure which is known as the CN Tower.

Also, The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, it is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto and is known to be the most exciting attraction in Toronto. People of all ages love to come down here and view the spectacular aquarium.

A visit to the Casa Loma gives out the information of the beautiful Canadian culture and architecture. The nightlife in Toronto is not something that is compromised,the Torontonians love to party and dip into the jazz music or the upbeat music that contributes to the amazing and energetic nightlife in Toronto.

People generally love to hit the club or attend other musical festivals and for the not so music lover types, there are many choices like a Indie Film Festival or Downtown Comedy night. Torontonians love to spend their time in the famous “Horseshoe Tavern” or the “Wildflower”.

Torontonians also indulge in sports, while hockey being a very prominent sport which many follow in Toronto. Toronto represented in 6 major league sports which includes National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and so on. Toronto is surely a place any person would love to stay at, because of its stunning landscapes, energetic and kind-hearted citizens. A night in Torontois worth experiencing and it surely is one of the best cities to live in.