Moving Companies Toronto

Toronto Moving Made Easy

At a glance the act of moving seems easy enough: throw your things into a box, maybe crumple some paper around the delicates, buy a couple magazine organizers (plus some beers for the friends you hope will cart your stuff around), and get a fresh start in your new place.

This simple miscalculation can lead to a haphazard move, but – with a little research and planning – crises can be averted. A plan is especially important in a city like Toronto, where issues like seasonality affect pricing for many companies, including movers. Although we cannot always control the time of year we relocate, there are plenty of things we use every day we tend to take for granted.

To avoid unnecessary fees, make sure the businesses you deal with daily (providing your home with internet or electricity, for example) have ample warning of your change of address. With all the other things to worry over, the last thing you want to stress about are the movers on the big day.

A moment spent researching reputable companies beforehand, as well as reaching out to friends to ask about their experiences (instead of trying to bribe them for their help on moving day), can go a long way. Professional moving companies take all of the guesswork out of relocating in Toronto.

They deliver the right tools and skills for the job, as well as insurance coverage in case of an accident. The piece of mind provided in having an experienced driver maneuver a huge truck through Toronto’s congested streets, or letting someone else worry about how to get your sofa down a flight of stairs, is probably enough to get anyone on the phone with a moving company.

However, it is important to ask certain questions upfront to ensure transparent pricing. Good questions to ask when looking for moving companies in Toronto are centered around rates, find out if the movers bill for travel time and mileage; perhaps they offer a flat fee to start and then an hourly fee. You can also ask for them to provide their insurance company’s name and policy number.

If you decide to ask for an estimate, it should provide the number of hours until completion. The estimate should also be dated and include the date of your move. Be sure the contract is clear and correct before signing. Moving in Toronto can be a positive experience and there are many great moving companies in the city to help!